Inhorgenta 2011

Silber Sommer Galerie
the Art of Eating

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The Silver-Summer-Gallery is a podium for emerging silversmiths presenting their objects to a broader audience. Imagine a “usable” exhibition, an
active place where you can interact with your tableware. The table as a stage for special objects and gestures which attend our daily life. Here they are
celebrated and brought into consciousness.The Silver-Summer-Gallery is a special experience restaurant: You not only choose your tableware
with which you would like to eat but also fine dishes which will be created for you by our accomplished cooks of ElParadiso. I am especially pleased this
year about the participation of the students and graduates of four renowned universities and their enchanting and surprising pieces. The artists not only
Provide their works but they also provide the service: They will be at your side with words and deeds.The Silver-Summer-Gallery aims to support the
development of a new table culture and wishes to give you the chance to experience how forms, ideas, materials or the type of implementation are
crucial – the Silver-Summer-Gallery as a platform for contemporary work.I would like to thank the exhibition management for the support of this project.

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